Meet and Greet-Pictures and Feedback


Hi Jill,

We had a great time. Granted, we had done quite a bit of research prior to our visit, but your specific recommendations for food, bedding and cages were really helpful. I think the most helpful part -by far- was an opportunity to meet real hedgehogs. We were very lucky to be able to meet such a wide range of ages and personalities. Funny that my daughter fell for the most intimidating of the bunch.

I would recommend that any potential owner take the opportunity to meet you and your hedgehogs. It helped us make the transition from a hedgehog as an idea, to the reality of what it takes to own one of these unusual little creatures.

Len and Charlotte are great together. He has opened up some already. She is entirely happy with him, and I expect things will get better, but she is willing to accept him as he is.

Thanks for everything. We will be in touch.

The Elwoods

Hi Jill,

We thought the meet and greet was great. It really gave Maya and I a chance to decide if this was the right pet for our family (we think so)! You also obviously have a ton of knowledge and experience with hedgehogs, so that will help us prepare our cage and to keep our hedgehog happy and healthy. I also think we really lucked out on the timing to be able to meet babies and 2 older hedgehogs. (We hope the other family took Len!)

When we got home, we watched the video. Loved it! Thought it was really week done and especially loved the hedgehog on the toilet paper roll. :-)

Take care,


Hi Jill,

I learned so much about hedgehogs yesterday! It was great to be able to have my questions answered and to have a much more reliable source than the conflicting information on the internet. I also would have never had an opportunity to interact with hedgehogs before adopting one if I hadn't met with you! I would 110% recommend a Meet and Greet to other potential hedgehog owners - it was invaluable. And I would even go as far to recommend a private session over a group one.

All the best,

P.S. The pictures are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing them with me :)

Hi Jill!

The private Meet and Greet was a wonderful experience, which I would highly recommend to any prospective hedgehog owner.

After almost two decades as a hobby breeder, your wealth of knowledge knows no bounds. Thank you for answering my many questions and sharing your experiences.

Hedgehogs are living beings and before people run out to buy this ever popular pet, I strongly recommend they do their homework and have a Meet and Greet to ensure they provide the best care possible to their future pet.

Badger is a love bug and his babies are amazing.
I particularly fell in love with the white one (reverse pinto?).

I am going to fill out your questionnaire and
get on your waiting list. Meanwhile, I am going
to purchase a cage and all sorts of supplies to
ready the "nursery"!

My best,


pic pic

Hi Jill,

Yes, we absolutely enjoyed the Meet and Greet session last week! It was such a pleasure to meet you and your darling hedgehogs, and to receive clear and concise information about hedgehogs and their care from such a knowledgeable source. We learned a lot about hedgehog personalities and habits, as well as why certain cage materials and accoutrements are good/less good choices. It was very beneficial for us to have the opportunity to hold and interact with the hedgehogs: I don't think any videos, literature, or other FAQs could have substituted for this experience! It was important for us to be able to have a personal encounter with a hedgehog before making a decision on whether to bring one into our family at this time, and the Meet and Greet was the perfect opportunity to have all of our questions answered and to evaluate the potential suitability for a hedgehog in our home. We would enthusiastically recommend the Meet and Greet sessions for anyone considering hedgehog companionship: for anyone who has never interacted with a hedgehog, there is no substitute for a personal encounter, with a knowledgeable host to guide you through all of the questions and considerations about hedgehog ownership. We have yet to watch the DVD included in the Meet and Greet offering, but we have high expectations of the utility of the content, based on the valuable information we learned from the session.

Thank you so much for the rewarding experience, Jill!


Dear Jill,


Thank you so much for today! We really enjoyed coming to your meet and greet. I think it helped my boyfriend to get excited about becoming a hedgehog owner as much as I am! It was really fun to talk to someone who really knows the best for the hedgehogs! I definitely learned new information that will help me when I finally become a hedgehog owner. I would recommend a meet and greet if I knew someone interested in getting a hedgehog. My favorite part was being able to play with your precious hedgies!


Thank you,

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Hi Jill

We did have fun at the Meet and greet, and we learned a lot regarding the care of the hedgehog. I would definitely recommend the meet and greet to anyone no matter if they are looking to get a hedgehog or not because it was such an amazing experience and was also very educational. We definitely loved holding the hedgehogs because they were very social even though it was the first time we had held them.


Dear Jill,

Thank you so very much for meeting with my family today, and introducing us to Badger and Hot Dog! We had a wonderful time, and are more excited than ever about adding a hedgehog to our family! (Especially Ashley!!)
I look forward to receiving the application from you. Best of luck with your litters, and have a wonderful holiday season!



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Hi Jill,

Ben and I really enjoyed the Meet and Greet. Of course our favorite part was getting to hold and play with the hedgehogs, but we also learned a great deal about how to take care of hedgehogs and what they are like as pets. I would highly recommend the Meet and Greet to anyone considering a hedgehog as a pet, even if they have done plenty of Internet research - there is no substitute for learning directly from an experienced breeder like you.

Hope to see you in the New Year to pick up one of the babies!

Happy Holidays,


Hi Jill,
So sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you - but it is a crazy, busy time of year!

I very much enjoyed meeting you and learning more about hedgehogs. Even though I’ve done a lot of research, it was great to speak with someone so knowledgeable. I learned a great deal, had all my questions answered and had a lot of fun with the hedgehogs. I definitely would recommend that anyone considering owning a hedgehog. The first-hand experience of seeing what they need for habitats, nutrition and exercise was invaluable. It was also great to learn the best way to handle a hedgehog that was most comfortable for both me and the animal. After meeting with you I now feel very confident about our decision to own a hedgehog and our ability to provide it with a good home.

Thanks again for your time and I hope you have wonderful holidays!

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Hi Jill,

I had so much fun at the meet and greet. I did learn a lot more, even know I felt like I read a lot. It wrapped everything that I've heard and read together. I would recommend a meet and greet to someone looking to get a hedgehog, I think it's a great idea. Especially to people who aren't quiet sure if I hedgehog is for them. I learned that a hedgehog is perfect for me. I like the whole thing, but if I liked one thing about the meet and greet I would say meeting hot dog and badger was the best. It was interesting seeing how hedgehogs have their own personality. I don't think I would change anything because learned what I needed to learn and got to interact. It was a great experience.


Hi Jill,

Thank you for your time and the great photo's.

I thank you for the meet and greet it is a great idea. It was so much fun and informative. We learned a lot and were also able to get moreinformation regarding how to think about hedges as pets. I would highly recommend a meet and greet to anyone thinking of making a hedgehog a pet, Gavin was able to see the animals first hand a be certain it was what he wanted to invest his time and money in - fantastic!

Thank you,


Hi jill,
Sorry it took so long to respond. It was very nice meeting you and the little ones as well! We had such a fun time, my girlfriend especially, she was very surprised. We definitely learned a few things that we hadn't known, which wasn't much haha! I think it's great that you have the meet and greets, allows people to learn more than what is just read online. Our favorite part was just being able to hold and interact with them! Vanessa thought they would be furry and able to cuddle with them.

Thanks again
Dan & Vanessa

Hi Jill,

I really enjoyed the Meet and Greet and I like how it was very relaxed and not overly formal. I felt more comfortable to ask questions with such a small group. And it was nice to leave with a DVD full of info. I would recommend this Meet and Greet to future hedgie owners because it is good to be able to learn about them and especially hold them. What I like most about the Meet and Greet was the size of the group, when the group is smaller you get to learn more.

Thank you,


Dear Jill,

We had so much fun at the Meet and Greet and I learned a ton. I highly recommend this experience to anyone considering welcoming a hedgehog into their home; in fact, I think it should be mandatory! The Meet and Greet is educational: you learn about how to take care of a hedgehog, and its extremely fun: you get to hold a hedgehog and play with it too!

I look forward to hearing from you – and again, we’d be happy with a “retired breeder”.


Hi Jill,

Thank you so much for meeting with us yesterday. We really did enjoy it. We learned more than we already knew although we had done some research. It was a very comfortable setting to see a real hedgehog and to feel comfortable asking any questions we had. The best part of the meet and greet was meeting Frankie. He was very friendly. I really didn't know what to expect. I was surprised by how fast and active he was. I am happy that hedgehogs can be so interactive and friendly. Now we will know what a healthy, well socialized hedgehog looks like. It was also nice to see how easy clean up was when he went to the bathroom. We would definitely recommend this to others as an informative, no pressure introduction from a knowledgeable breeder.


Hi Jill,

Bryan and I loved the meet and greet today. We really enjoyed learning a lot from someone so enthusiastic about hedgehogs. We would definitely recent this to anyone looking to get a hedgehog to learn how to properly take care of one. Our favorite part about the meet and greet was getting to actually hold a hedgehog.



Hello Jill,

We had a lot of fun at the meet and greet. We did learn quite a few things we did not know from it. And I think everyone should attend a meet and greet before buying a hedgehog. The in person hands on experience of being able to see and hold them is defiantly a big help for a person to know if they can handle the responsibility. I liked how you had hot dogs cage right in the middle of the room in front of us so we were seeing what is required for a hedgehogs home in front of us the whole time. And I really enjoyed being able to see and hold one of the babies it was nice to see a full grown hedgehog and how the hedgehogs start out as babies when you first get them. Thank you so much again for having us.


Hi Jill,

I had an amazing time meeting you, and Frankie at the Meet and Greet. I had never held a hedgehog before, so it was great to have an interaction with one before making the decision to own one. Also, I learned a great deal of very useful information that will be very helpful in the taking care of the hedgehog. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in buying a hedgehog to attend a Meet and Greet. Especially if someone hasn't owned a hedgehog before, it's very beneficial to familiarize yourself with the little animals. Thanks again, and hopefully the next time I see you it will be buying a hedgehog!


Hello Jill,
Alex and I had a wonderful time this morning. (Alex is what we call Elyssa). She couldn't stop talking about it all the way home.
We both enjoyed the time that you spent with us explaining the hedgehogs. We definitely learned things that we did not know.
We would recommend a meet and greet before anyone decided to adopt a hedgehog. It lets you know what you should or shouldn't do to keep the hedgehog happy and healthy.
You spent so much time with us and did not rush. You made us feel at ease with the hedgehogs.
The best part of the meet and greet was two things. First meeting you and the love you have for your hedgehogs. The second part was getting to hold the hedgehog.
Thank you for taking the time with us. Alex cannot wait to be able to have her own hedgehog.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you

Hi Jill,

We definitely had fun. We learned several things (thermostat lamps, licking may lead to biting, pooping habits, etc.) but for me the most important part was getting to handle the hedgehog and have my son handle the hedgehog (aside from making sure no-one in the family was allergic). Just seeing animals on the internet is very different from interacting with them and I wouldn’t consider getting a type of pet I hadn’t interacted with — although, in this case, Hot Dog was every bit as cute and friendly in person as the hedgehog videos on the internet! Also, we hadn’t fully realized how much they like to explore and that’s really motivated us to think about how to hog-proof a room or part of a room for regular run-abouts.

I would absolutely recommend the meet and greet to folks thinking about getting a hedgehog, for two separate reasons: 1) to interact with a hedgehog in person, and 2) to see how socialized your hedgehogs are, even the 5-week-olds.


Hi Jill,

We did have a lot of fun at your meet & greet. I think it was really great experience for Ethan and my dad to learn more about the hedgehog, seeing as I've been doing most of the research. I also learned much more by going to your meet & greet, because I can do all the research I want on hedgehogs but I wouldn't have been able to hold a hedgehog and know it's size and how it walks if I hadn't gone to the meet & greet. I think it was a great experience for all of us. I would definitely recommend the meet & greet to others, especially those who have never held a hedgehog. Also, since you've been a hedgehog breeder for 20 years, I think it's great to learn more about hedgehogs from you, that way people get accurate information. I liked getting to hold the hedgehog, and watching it run around and perform all it's bodily functions! It was certainly an experience I wouldn't have been able to get from watching a YouTube video about hedgehogs.
Thanks again!



Hi and yes i had fun at the meet and greet and i learned a whole lot more than i did before the meet and greet. i would definitely recommend this to others interested in hedgehogs because it gives you a feel of what it would be like and also because you are a small breeder i know you take care of all of the hedgehogs and that you actually care about them which is good thing for anyone who would be buying and i didnt really have a part that i liked most. i enjoyed the whole thing and it was worth the drive. thank you very much it was very nice meeting you.


Hello Jill,

I had so much fun at the Meet and Greet! I learned so much about the care and the keeping of hedgehog. It really helped me to figure out whether or not I would be able to meet the demands of owning one. They're such special, sensitive pets so I feel that it is essential to learn about them in order to be a successful pet owner. It also really helped to learn expert tips that you wouldn't be able to find from a Google search.

Thank you,


Hi Jill,

Was great to meet you too. Thanks again for yesterday it was a lot of fun. I had done a bit of reading beforehand but it was definitely nice to learn new things. Would recommend it for sure to others who might be interested in getting a hedgehog and it was great to be able to interact with them firsthand and be able to hold them and play with them.

Thanks for the great pictures as well.




Thanks so much for the experience of meeting and learning about your hedgehogs. They are so wonderful and your cd is great as well. The pictures are awesome and I will recommend you to anyone who is interested. It was a pleasure. ... my favorite Christmas gift!