Should You Keep 2 Hedgehogs Together in Your Garden?

Hedgehogs need a garden with plenty of food, water and shelter. Avoid using pesticides as they can poison hedgehogs. There are many safer alternatives.

To encourage hedgehogs into your garden, leave a patch of unmowed grass, plant flowers that attract bees and butterflies, and make sure to check for nests before you start mowing. You can also put out a dish of meat flavoured dog or cat food, and crushed dog or cat biscuits.

Keeping two hedgehogs together

Hedgehogs are solitary animals in the wild, and although there have been a few cited cases of hedgehogs living together after mating, it is not recommended. Moreover, it is a violation of animal rights.

If you want to keep two hedgehogs together, make sure the enclosure is large enough and they have separate food bowls, toys, and sleeping areas. It is also important to give each hedgehog time to get used to the smell of your hands before you handle them. This will help them stay calm during handling.

Once you have introduced the hedgehogs to each other, it’s a good idea to monitor them at night. Especially if you have cats or dogs in the garden. They can be a real threat to hedgehogs, and they will attack them if they suspect that they’re a possible source of food. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for signs of hedgehogs in your garden, which are mainly cylindrical droppings and small holes in the ground.

Keeping two hedgehogs in the same cage

Hedgehogs are low-maintenance pets that require minimal care. However, they are not as cuddly or easy to handle as dogs or cats. They can also be territorial and may fight with other hedgehogs. They are also likely to become pregnant, which can be a serious problem for owners. Therefore, it is important to understand the basics of animal rights before adopting one.

If you want to keep two hedgehogs together, it is best to introduce them slowly on neutral territory. You can start by placing their cages side-by-side, so they are familiar with each other’s scent. Then, you can add duplicate items to their enclosure, such as a larger running wheel, plastic igloos to hide in, non-tip water dishes, and a heated feeding bottle.

It is also best to avoid male-female pairings unless you intend to breed them. They will fight each other over territory and dominance, so it is not a good idea to place them in the same cage.

Keeping two hedgehogs in the same tank

People often buy a second pet of a particular species to provide companionship for their existing animal. This is common for pets such as dogs and cats, but it may not be the best idea with hedgehogs. These animals are very solitary and prefer to be alone. Putting two adult hedgehogs in the same cage can lead to serious injuries and even death. For example, a pygmy hedgehog mother may eat her offspring if she feels threatened by them.

If you want to keep two hedgehogs together, it is important to remember that males are inclined to try to prove their dominance. This can result in aggressive behavior and fights to the death. Females are more likely to get along with each other, but it is still possible that they could become territorial and lash out at each other. In general, it is a good idea to quarantine new animals for a month and house them separately if they are not getting along.

Keeping two hedgehogs in the same enclosure

Keeping two hedgehogs in the same enclosure is generally not recommended. It’s against their solitary nature – they hunt, sleep and mate alone in the wild. They only look for companionship during mating, which is usually very brief. Hedgehogs can also get very stressed when living with another hedgie, leading to fighting and decreased appetite. This can even lead to a bite, which can cause severe bleeding and death within hours.

Ideally, keep new and old hedgies in separate cages. If you do decide to house them together, the cage must be large enough for both of them to have adequate floor space. It’s a good idea to make sure the food and water bowls are a fair distance apart to prevent fights.

Keep a close eye on them until they seem comfortable with each other. If they start fighting, or appear to be a bit irritable, it’s best to separate them again. Keep in mind that dogs are the main predators of hedgehogs, so if you have one at home you should take care not to encourage them to chase the hedgehogs in your garden.

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