Next available Meet and Greet dates
Sun. Aug.13th ( Full)
Sun. Aug. 20th ( Room for 5 more)
Sun. Aug. 27th ( Room for 3 more)
Location Brookline, MA
All Meet and Greets start at 10:30 AM.


What will I learn at the Meet and Greet?
-I will share my 22 years of owning and raising hedgehogs with you.
Not everthing we read on the Internet is ture. Now there's a surprise.
Learn what is.
-You will know what to look for when choosing a socialized hedgehog.
-How to pick a hedgehog up.
-How to make the hedgehog feel comfortable in your hands.
-Housing (Best cages, beddings, wheels, toys, sleeping boxes etc.)
-How to control cage temperature in the winter.
-Health issues (Mites, Poop color, etc..)
-How to trim nails.
-Hedgehog behavior. (Self-anointing, licking your hands, etc..)
-And we of coarse will have plenty of play time with the hedgies.

****Everyone who attends a Meet and Greet Workshop will have first priority on my hedgehog waiting list****
How To Pay
All Meet and Greets are held at 10:30 AM most weekend mornings.
Pay with Paypal below.
Weekends available are listed above. Dates are always being added but if there is a date that
is not listed and you are a party of two or more just let me know and I can usually accommodate you.
Due to demand, I can't hold an appointment until the fee is paid.

Number Of Guest Attending
HappyA Video Message From Happy The Hedgehog

-Due to the size of my living room Meet and Greets will be limited to 5 people.
-No one under the age of 8. If your child is under 8 but very mature then it should be no problem.
-My hedgehogs will be in the same room so we must be very quiet and responsible.
-Please do not bring anyone who has not paid. For example Mother and child would be $70.

Terms and Conditions
-Meet and Greets must be paid 24 hours ahead of time scheduled.
-If you need to cancel the Meet and Greet you signed up for you may reschedule for a future time (Payment can not be refunded). Please note you can reschedule only once after that you will have to pay again to sign up for another Meet and Greet.
-Please note the cost of the Meet and Greet workshop is a separate fee from the purchase price of a baby hedgehog.