Breeding Well Socialized Hedgehogs Since 1995  
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  If you are looking for a hedgehog breeder you have come to the right place. I have been breeding hedgehogs since 1995. I am a hobby breeder and breed on a small scale. I breed standard colors as well as the newer colors. All my babies are held everyday from one week till they are weaned. Hedgehogs must be socialized in this way so they are relaxed around humans. A hedgehog that has not been held before they are weaned will usually roll up like a ball and make clicking sounds. These animals are not socialized and do not make good pets. To learn more about hedgehogs please explore my web site. If you are looking for a baby hedgehog check out my Availability page. If you have questions please email.  
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I took my love for hedgehogs and combined it with my passion for photography
to create this book. Available on the ibookstore.

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